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Insanity! Oct. 16th, 2007 @ 04:56 pm
I'll make a full post later on, but over the past two days, I've received four calls back on applications I sent out, at the earliest, 3 weeks ago. Nice to know there are options, but the past two days at the new job have been fantastic so far.

SIN Playlist 10/08/2007 Oct. 9th, 2007 @ 02:14 am
Set 1
Front 242 - Don't Crash
Accessory - Ewigkeit
Michigan - The Nomad
Apoptygma Berzerk - Eclipse
Robotiko Rejekto - Robotiko Rejekto (Club mix)
Schallfaktor - End of Love
Funker Vogt - Gunman (Crossed)
Controlled Collapse - Trust
C-A-T - Smashed
Faderhead - Houston
Pygmy Children - Intensify
Front Line Assembly - Body Count
Terror Punk Syndicate - Horizon (Version)
Leatherstrip - No Rest for the Wicked
IAMX - Kiss and Swallow (Manik version)
//Playing in PDX on 10-30

S:Cage - Residue (Displacer mix)
Feindflug - 2000 Volt
Acumen Nation - Recaster
//Playing in PDX TONIGHT

Battery Cage - Hustler
Pantera - Cowboys from Hell
C-lekktor - Refusing the Paradise
E-Craft - Violent Freaks (2007)
Grendel - Void Malign (Dawn of Ashes mix)
Combichrist - Electrohead
Run Level Zero - Under the Gun (Cal 50 mix)*
God Module - The Source (Imperative Reaction mix)
//Playing in PDX on 12-13

Spiritual Front - The Shining Circle
Einsturzende Neubauten - Yu-Gung (Adrien Sherwood mix)

WASTE - Irradiated Non-Future
Pow[d]erpussy - Systemsuckshot
HexRx - Pure Evil
Terrorfakt - ALF (Reconstruction by Accessory)
Pierrepoint - Paradox Effect
Numb - Blood (Crash and Bleed edit)
Contagion - Scratch (Twitch mix)
Justice - Genesis
//Playing in PDX on 10-11 -SOLD OUT-

Digitalism - Idealistic
Cryo - Freedom
A23 - Disappoint
//Playing in PDX on 10-22

Mind.In.a.Box - Introspection
Rotersand - Dare to Live
X-Fusion - Rotten to the Core
Tactical Sekt - Chosen one
Caustic - The Reason We Broke Up is...
Enduser - Death Vest (edgey mix)
Ambassador 21 - Light My Fire
Haujobb - Smack My Bitch Up
yelworC - Eclosion

Bleep Oct. 9th, 2007 @ 02:12 am
Tonight, I had the best unexpected visitor to Ground Kontrol.
It's amazing how much better the night can suddenly become with such visits.

Upcoming me! Oct. 8th, 2007 @ 06:09 pm
Of course you can catch me Monday nights during SIN at Ground Kontrol and Saturdays at Automatic, but what if that's not enough for you?

Here's my upcoming other events calendar:
October 16th - DJing between sets at the Dawn of Ashes show
October 25th - Playing a headlining show in nolongerhuman.

More to be announced!

SIN at Ground Kontrol - Tonight Oct. 8th, 2007 @ 04:40 pm
Tonight! Monday, October 8th

S.ervice I.ndustrial N.ight

Every Monday. 9PM-Close

with adamnation
and DJ Paradox

located at:
Ground Kontrol
511 NW Couch St.

Other entries
» Leave Andy alone video
Yeah, I'll post it in my LJ too.
It's funny, damnit!

» Underplayed songs?
I'll ask in my own journal before posting on a larger scale, but what are your favourite songs that are underplayed at clubs?

» Web sites/apps I like
What websites do you absolutely live by... or enjoy because of their usefulness/coolness?

A social networking site for music. Creates a list of what you're listening to, what your friends are listening to and then compiles the listening statistics so you can determine a band's more popular or most popular songs / find new music / etc... A DJ's best friend.

TIOTI / Joost:
Away from your Tivo? Don't have a Tivo? Show you want to watch isn't aired anymore?
These sites are dedicated to providing you links to streaming video of your favorite shows. TIOTI also incorporates a social networking feature so you can form groups with friends/those with similar viewing habits. From what I've seen so far, Joost has far better resolution and has a bigger wow factor. Honorable mentions going to Miro (previously Democracy TV) and SciVee (which SlashDot dubbed the YouTube for Science).

An enormous "HowTo" guide for a broad gamut of subjects.

Hack a Day:
A HowTo guide for owning your technology.

ColorMixers / Kuler:
Various color palettes and palette creation.

Use your digital camera/phone to take photos and have the images processed and emailed/faxed to you.

Google Notebook:
A multi-subject notebook, doesn't work as well as OneNote, but is multi-platform which makes a huge difference. If the two products would converge, I'd be in heaven.

On-Line ToDo list with Google Calendar integration.
» SIN Playlist 10/01/2007
PlaylistCollapse )
» New jobbery
As of October 15th, I'll be starting work as the IT Lead/Systems Administrator at PosterGarden in the Pearl District.
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